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August 19, 2011

Application Maps: Making sense of your application

Technology has gotten to a point where we’re able to have great applications, including web applications that are very robust and powerful.  These usually serve as a source of ideas for Product Managers and entrepreneurs.  They’ll pick and choose which pieces they want from various applications, a log-in layer here, a calendaring system there; but how these pieces fit together is not necessarily clear.


Enter the Application Map.

application map

Application Map

An Application Map is a great tool for sketching out the positioning of different screens and functionality associated with those screens.  


At Busse Design, we believe in providing detailed Application Maps so clients can see at a high-level how users will access different content types.  We use this tool also to indicate entry points into user flows.  We usually have 2 rounds of client review for Application Maps to get to a point where they accommodate all necessary functionality.  The Application Map serves as the building block for the rest of the applicaiton.


Great products in the marketplace offer a font of ideas.  Having a high level overview will help you figure out how best to fit all the pieces of functionality together!










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  1. Diana Morgan says:

    Hi Joe,

    Very interesting blog and I love the application map. Can’t wait to see how your blog grows!

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